Natural Resource Damages

Assessment and Litigation


Edgcomb Law Group, LLP attorneys have experience in representing clients in natural resource damage claims and in the negotiation, litigation or settlement of national resource damage claims asserted by Federal and State trustees.  These claims have arisen in multiple settings, including chemical and oil spills from seagoing vessels and derailed rail tankers, to discharges into rivers and bays from adjacent industrial facilities.   We are familiar with the relevant natural resource damage assessment laws, regulations and administrative processes and have worked with highly regarded natural resource damage assessment and valuation consultants.


Representative Experience

Represent a chemical tanker owner and insurer through natural resource damage assessment phase and successfully negotiate natural resource damage settlement after an onboard explosion caused vessel loss, resulting in oil and chemical spill just outside San Francisco Bay.

Represent a party in natural resource damage assessment and natural resource damage claim litigation through settlement, in connection with tank car derailment and chemical spillage into river causing extensive natural resource damage.

Represent an owner/operator of a former industrial facility alleged to have discharged chemicals into an adjacent river/bay complex, including negotiations with federal and state trustees with multiple other PRPs.


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