Environmental Insurance

Procurement, Claims and Litigation


Edgcomb Law Group, LLP lawyers have extensive experience working with insurance brokers to identify appropriate environmental insurance products, with appropriate terms and limits, to manage perceived environmental risks.   We work with brokers and underwriters to assist in assessing the relevant risks for the policy alternatives.  We then work closely with the underwriters in manuscripting policy language of both pollution legal liability policies and remediation cost cap insurance policies. Finally, after the policies are bound, we help clients stay in compliance with policy terms, make claims, and recover reimbursements.

When insurers fail to provide coverage or timely reimbursement, we litigate on behalf of insureds against insurers.  We have tried matters involving the buyout of environmental insurance policies.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in coverage issues involved in commercial pollution, clean up cost caps, contractors’ operations, contractors’ pollution, and pollution legal liability policies.


Representative Experience

Assisted clients in obtaining pollution legal liability and remedial cost cap insurance at multiple industrial facilities with multi-million dollar limits, including assistance of underwriter’s due diligence, development of appropriate terms and conditions and manuscripting of actual policy language.

Represented clients in making environmental insurance claims and obtaining coverage.

Represented insured clients in bad faith insurance litigation.

Representing a client in making insurance claims and ensuring compliance with policy coverage.